Transportation Information and FAQ


In the event of inclement weather during winter months it may become necessary to alter certain school bus routes when road conditions become hazardous because of snow or ice. In some cases, the district will use "snow routes" to help our students and school buses get safely to and from school. These alternate routes allow the buses to run on most major thoroughfares while avoiding some of the more difficult roads. Roads with potentially dangerous conditions will be avoided. Alternate stops have been established along these routes for students to meet their bus. In some areas it may be a necessity for parents to take their children to these points.

Primary & Secondary Bus Stops: Parents are allowed to arrange a Primary & Secondary bus stop only. The 3rd or more stops are the parent(s) responsibility to make other arrangements for their student to be picked up from school. NO daily bus changes can be made after 2pm.

Pre-K - 6th Safety Procedure: As part of our on-going focus on safety and security, Lebanon R-3 is implementing a new safety procedure for making changes in daily transportation for Pre-K - 6th grade students. You will be given a form that requires names and phone numbers of adults you have authorized to pick up your child. In addition, you will create a code word for yourself and authorized persons to give the office in the event of a transportation change. For confidentiality, the form must be completed with the classroom teacher or office staff. It cannot be taken home and returned. Things to know... Parent(s)/guardians will create a code word for their student. Each student will have one code word. Siblings may share a code word. All adults, responsible for students who go to multiple homes, must use the same code word. Parent(s)/guardians and all authorized adults must provide the correct code word to call-in changes in transportation routines. A valid photo-ID is still required to sign-out a child. Parent(s)/guardians must notify the school in writing to change the code word. Parent(s)/guardians must notify the school in writing of any changes of adults authorized to pick up a child. For your child's protection, code words should only be shared with those who need to know. Code words should NOT be shared with the child. All transportation changes must be made by 2pm each day. Thank you for your review of these new safety procedures to help us further protect your student.

Inclement Weather & Snow Routes: Those of us who live and work in the Ozarks understand that school will probably be canceled or dismissed early sometime during the year because of inclement weather. The decision to cancel Lebanon R-3 Schools is based on many factors, but student safety is always the primary concern. Please take a moment to review the following information about school cancellations, early dismissal, parent notification and precautions to keep Lebanon students safe. How are parents and school staff notified if school is canceled or dismissed early?

  • The School Messenger automated calling system is the primary method of notification. School Messenger calls are placed to Lebanon R-3 parents and staff within minutes of the decision to close school or dismiss early. To ensure they receive School Messenger calls, parents are reminded to contact their child's school when they change phone numbers or move.
  • KJEL radio and Springfield television stations are notified of school cancellations or early dismissal immediately after the School Messenger calls are launched. Please note – after the television stations are notified, there is sometimes a lapse of time before they broadcast the cancellation information.

How can parents prepare for school cancellation and early dismissal?

  • Update contact information at their child’s school when phone numbers or addresses are changed.
  • Share with the child’s school the plan the child should follow if school is dismissed early. Include whether the child is to go home or to another residence.
  • Notify schools of changes to transportation routines as soon as possible to allow adequate time to make safe and accurate transportation changes.

What is the process for making a decision about holding or canceling school?

  • Administrators track inclement weather on the internet and television weather reports.
  • The Director of Transportation and staff members drive key roads to assess condition.
  • The District maintains close contact with county and city road crews.
  • Administrators may contact other school districts in the line of the storm to gauge the intensity of the storm and discuss plans to deal with the situation.
  • The Director of Transportation makes a recommendation to the Superintendent. The decision process includes the following considerations: Student safety being the top priority, minimizing student exposure to hazardous road or weather conditions, and providing families with as much time as possible to make child care arrangements.

Why not cancel school whenever inclement weather strikes?
In general, we believe it is in the best interest of students to have school when possible. Instructional time is valuable for all students. Schools are safe, warm places for students; when school is canceled, many children must stay at home without adult supervision. Ultimately, when inclement weather strikes, parents must make decisions that are best for their child’s circumstances. Of course, we respect those decisions.

Is school canceled when winter weather includes extremely cold temperatures? There is no set temperature that must be reached in order to cancel school. Lebanon administrators consider many factors, including temperature, when deciding whether to have school. Student safety is always the top priority.

Inclement weather precautions:

  • Parents are encouraged to make sure their children, especially those who walk to school or ride the bus, are dressed appropriately with gloves, coats, hats and scarves.
  • Bus drivers will allow extra time for students to board buses at designated stops. This will enable students to watch for the bus from indoors during extremely cold weather. 
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