Yellowjacket Nest

Yellowjacket Nest is a group for teen parents. In this group, young parents have the opportunity to meet other parents who are facing the same struggles and triumphs they face daily. Young parents will learn about the basics of parenting as a teen, prenatal and infant care, healthy and unhealthy relationships, navigating future plans, and much more. Teen parents will also have the opportunity to be partnered with a mentor who will commit to supporting and helping the teen through life as a teen parent.

Who can attend?

Any teen parent below the age of 20 who is already a parent or who is currently pregnant.


Code of Conduct:

Teens who attend Yellowjacket Nest are expected to be respectful and attentive during the meetings.
Any and all information that is shared during the meetings should be considered confidential. Any breeches in confidentiality will be addressed and handled on an individual basis, and could result in removal from the program.


Lebanon High School in the Staff Development Center

Hillcrest Education Center in the Staff Lounge

email [email protected] or call 657-6252 for specific times and more information

If you are interested in supporting Yellowjacket Nest, please contact us at [email protected].

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