LIFT is Lebanon R3’s plan for learning and
thriving in a mobile learning environment.

Connected Educator Efficiency & Productivity Blended Learning

LIFT combines aligned professional learning with the needed hardware and software to make all learners in our system successful in a global society that is always “on.” LIFT helps prepare students for their futures; provides professional learning for our teachers about technology integration; is a sustainable plan to purchase and replace technology for students; provides equitable access to technology for all of our students; and will provide high school students with a Chromebook that they can take home and emphasize mobile learning inside and outside of the classroom.

The “Learning InFused with Technology” initiative (LIFT) is the product of nearly 30 teachers and administrators who spent the 2016-2017 school year analyzing how technology should and is being used in the Lebanon R3 district and consists of three distinct goals:

Goal One: Create the conditions necessary for the effective use of mobile technology at school and at home.
Goal Two: Identify and build technological capacity for the needed knowledge and skills to purposefully demonstrate learning with a mobile device.
Goal Three: Implement research-based technological frameworks and supported professional learning opportunities.

LIFT aligns professional learning into three distinct areas: Connected EducatorEfficiency and Productivity, and Blended Learning. Simply put, LIFT aligns and defines how technology will be used in our system no matter if you are a faculty or staff member,or student! Check out this video for an overview of LIFT and read more about the background and details of LIFT here.


Introducing One, our mobile learning device initiative that places one mobile device in the hands of teachers and students.

HandbookThe Lebanon R3 School District is excited to announce our mobile learning device initiative, One, for our teachers and students at Lebanon High School. This initiative will equip our talented educators and future-ready students with needed hardware and software to enhance and extend learning inside and outside of the classroom.

With a focus on mobile learning teachers will be able to transform their classrooms and unleash learning by partnering with students in a relevant, always on curriculum steeped in collaboration, critical thinking, communication, citizenship, character education, and creativity. By having a mobile device teachers will be able align teaching practices with collaborative projects that spark student interest and choice while providing additional opportunities for ongoing feedback for learning.

The purpose of the mobile device initiative at Lebanon High School is to equip the future-ready learner with the modern tools, resources, and experiences needed to facilitate and demonstrate student learning. The increase in equity and accessibility reduces the digital divide allowing for all learners at Lebanon High School to have the opportunity to personalize their learning at their own pace, time, or place. To learn more about One, you can find the details of the initiative in the Mobile Device Initiative handbook.

Mobile Device Initiative Handbook

  • To view a copy of the Mobile Device Initiative handbook click here.

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