Yellowjacket Spotlight: T.O.Y. Lynda Offutt

The 2019-20 Secondary Teacher of the Year is Lebanon Middle School social studies teacher Lynda Offutt! 

Lynda not only teaches social studies in a way that makes the subject interesting and relevant, but her classroom is a place that students want to be. She selflessly gives of her time and resources to impact her students’ lives, both past and present. Lynda is willing to do whatever it takes for her students to succeed. This includes tutoring after school, volunteering at The Sound House by organizing monthly meals and tutoring former students, and simply by giving a hug to a student having a bad day. Lynda helps organize and run a yearly trip for students to experience Washington D.C. and other historic locations in Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania. She can often be seen at school events and sporting events just to support her students. Lynda selflessly serves on multiple committees for our District, and is known amongst her colleagues for jumping in to help whenever and whatever the task.

One of her colleagues said, “Having spent several years teaching with Lynda, her ability to build relationships with students is one of her true strengths. Her straightforward, no-nonsense way appeals to both students and teachers alike… It also helps her students, especially ones who struggle, learn in a way that creates success and builds self-esteem.”

Another colleague added, “Lynda is a great friend to her coworkers, and she has stepped in to help all of us when we have personal needs and never complained.” 

For her positive impact on both her students and her colleagues, Lynda Offutt is our secondary level Teacher of the Year!

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