Yellowjacket Spotlight: T.O.Y. Brian Sommerer

2019-20 Elementary Teacher of the Year Brian Sommerer

The 2019-20 Elementary Teacher of the Year is Boswell Elementary physical education teacher Brian Sommerer! 

Brian, or Coach Sommerer as he’s usually called, creates an exciting and encouraging atmosphere that students look forward to each week. He keeps P.E. interesting and students always return to their classrooms eager to discuss the fun “Coach” had planned for them that day. Coach Sommerer encourages students to be their best and aim for success. To aid him in his work to help students meet their goals, he offers a daily self assessment for his students. This is a great opportunity for students to take ownership over their effort and strive to be better. 

Brian is also always willing to help those around him and often offers to help a fellow teacher or school staff member. If he can lend a hand, he will. Whether it is jumping in to help supervise students or help a fellow teacher with morning bus duty, you can count on Coach to step up. 

One of his colleagues said, “Coach is always positive and encouraging with those he interacts with. If you see him in the halls he is always offering high-fives, fist bumps, and humor. His positive energy is contagious and is a great part of the culture at Boswell.”

Here is what some Boswell students had to say about “Coach:”

  • “You are the best coach we could ever have and we love you, keep it up”
  • “You are an inspiration to us here at school”
  • “You’re a pretty rad guy”
  • “Coach always brightens your day when he says ‘good morning’ or gives you a high-five”
  • “He encourages you with a ‘keep on’ or ‘one more!’”
  • “He always pushes students to come out of their comfort zones”
  • “Coach Sommerer deserves the best...because of his mentality, and how he tries to make personal connections with all students and adds humor to P.E.”

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