Yellowjacket Spotlight: LHS Soph Rain Shockley

Last spring as a freshman, LHS student Rain Shockley qualified for the 2018 International Bridge Building Competition in Chicago, Illinois and finished 24th out of 55 contestants! His bridge weighed just 16.28 grams, but supported 34 kilograms (just under 75 pounds). He was the top finisher out of high school freshmen, as well as the top finisher from Missouri.

“I’ve always wanted to be an engineer, so when Mr. Hurst said there was an opportunity to do a bridge building contest I signed up right away.” About the competition Rain said, “It was a neat experience getting to see the different bridges that were built. And I got to meet a bunch of people from around the world.”

“Rain is very smart and understands the concepts of engineering and design. He demonstrated this by designing and constructing his bridge with minimal assistance. To compete in an international arena on his first year is phenomenal. I am confident that he will be a successful engineer if he chooses to pursue that career. He is planning to compete in the regional contest this year, which is the qualifying round for the International Contest. I look forward to working with him and all of the members of the BBC (Bridge Building Club) Lebanon this year.”

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