Student Mobile Device Initiative

Introducing One, our mobile learning device initiative that places one mobile device in the hands of teachers and students.

The Lebanon R3 School District is excited to announce our mobile learning device initiative, One, for our teachers and students at Lebanon High School. This initiative will equip our talented educators and future-ready students with needed hardware and software to enhance and extend learning inside and outside of the classroom.

With a focus on mobile learning teachers will be able to transform their classrooms and unleash learning by partnering with students in a relevant, always on curriculum steeped in collaboration, critical thinking, communication, citizenship, character education, and creativity. By having a mobile device teachers will be able align teaching practices with collaborative projects that spark student interest and choice while providing additional opportunities for ongoing feedback for learning.

The purpose of the mobile device initiative at Lebanon High School is to equip the future-ready learner with the modern tools, resources, and experiences needed to facilitate and demonstrate student learning. The increase in equity and accessibility reduces the digital divide allowing for all learners at Lebanon High School to have the opportunity to personalize their learning at their own pace, time, or place. To learn more about One, you can find the details of the initiative in the Mobile Device Initiative handbook.

Mobile Device Initiative Handbook

  • To view a copy of the Mobile Device Initiative handbook (3.52 MB) click here.
  • To print a copy of the Mobile Device Initiative handbook (8.80 MB) click here.

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