2018-19 Teachers of the Year Named

Congratulations again to the 2017-2018 Teachers of the Year:
Elementary: Jeannette Riggs
Secondary: Ashley Felton

2018-2019 Elementary Nominees
Esther - Lisa Mutchler
Maplecrest - Kim Stephens
Boswell - Amy Peterson

2018-2019 Secondary Nominees
Middle School - Debbie Staats
High School - Dan Schott
LTCC - Connie Galvez

2018-19 Elementary Teacher of the Year

The Elementary Teacher-of-the-Year graduated from Knox County High School in Edina, Missouri and earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Northeast Missouri State, now Truman State. She has taught in our district for 21 years. The 2018-19 Elementary Teacher of the Year is Lisa Mutchler.

Lisa is the personification of “Teacher of the Year” and is the beloved art teacher at Esther Elementary. She is a dedicated and enthusiastic teacher of art who has a positive impact on her students, and she infuses excitement, joy and laughter into her classroom each day. “She coaches students on a daily basis, in an individual atmosphere, so that students can find moment by moment success to better prepare them for their learning journey ahead.”

In addition to her classroom duties, Lisa is an integral part of Esther Skills Night, she regularly and deliberately includes literacy in her daily art lessons, she volunteers time after school for handwriting tutoring, and is the Esther hospitality chair. In her role on the hospitality committee she makes the staff of Esther feel loved and cared for. She considerately listens and pays attention to the lives of the teachers and staff at Esther, and always makes sure to send something to a staff member who is going through a hard time. She also organizes events to recognize staff and volunteers and ensures they feel appreciated.

One student shared, “I love Mrs. Mutchler because she is patient with me” and a colleague stated “I want to grow up to have the same calm demeanor and temperament as Mrs. Mutchler.” Another student wrote a letter (complete with drawings of art supplies) which said, “Dear Mrs. Mutchler, I like all the things that you plan for us. And I like all those things because I love art and you too.” He signed it off with, “Your happy student, Jaxson.”

One of her colleagues shared: “Art class with Mrs. Mutchler is our youngest students’ first experience with creating and designing. She recognizes when students put their heart and soul into an art project and spend hours working on it, cultivating it, and making it beautiful, and she celebrates their accomplishments by honoring them as “Artists of the Week” or displaying their artwork on the walls throughout Esther. Our students’ self esteem increase because of the confidence they feel in her art class.”

There is no doubt that Lisa is deserving of this honor! Congratulations Lisa!

2018-19 Secondary Teacher of the Year

The secondary teacher of the year is a graduate of Adams City High School in Colorado. She worked at Missouri Ozarks Community Action Head Start in Richland for 16 years and became the area supervisor in that time. She has spent the past 8 years teaching in our early childhood program at LTCC. The Secondary Teacher of the Year is Connie Galvez.  

Connie is dedicated to offering the best education and work-based experiences for her students. She strives to build relationships with her students that last long after graduation, and is passionate about each and every student obtaining their future goals. Her future-focused thinking, positive attitude, and focus on ways to improve opportunities for all students is phenomenal.

In addition to her teaching responsibilities, Connie is a SkillsUSA advisor and assists with FCCLA. She represents LTCC on the District’s PD committee and is the senior class team leader for FLIGHT Time.

A number of former students and 2018 graduates wrote about Connie. Here are some things they said:

Mrs. Galvez changed my life in many ways. She always puts her students above herself. She motivated me to act better, lead better, bring positivity everywhere I went, and to always have an open mind. She made a difference.

Mrs. Galvez always wants to see her students succeed in anything they choose to do in life. She makes curriculum that provides students with a sense of what the workforce will actually be like.

Mrs. Galvez never lets anyone walk by without a smile or a wave. She has pushed me to be a better childcare provider and has helped me to become a better person.

She is so caring and loving to all children in our district and you can definitely tell her passion for teaching is a bond that could never be broken.

A former student said: I cannot thank you enough for the positive influence you have had on me. You will always be the person I think of when asked, “who was your favorite teacher?” Your kindness and uplifting soul have always stuck with me.

For all you do for your students, you are truly deserving of this honor. Congratulations Connie!

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