Illustration: Richard Bantigue

President/Co-President: Christian Munzner/Taylor Schoonover
Vice President: Jordan Oberbeck
Secretary: Emma Carter

Sponsor: Elizabeth Barker,

Exchange Students 2012-2013
Andrew Volyanyuk: Україна - Ukraine
Sofiya Kateryna: Україна - Ukraine
Lukas Kotz: Bundesrepublik Deutschland - Germany
Giorgi Chaduneli: საქართველო - Georgia
Selbi Kurbanova: tɜrkˈmɛnɨstæn - Turkmenistan
Olga Postnikova: Российская Федерация - Russia
Rieke Cordes: Bundesrepublik Deutschland - Germany
Johanna von Wachsmann: Bundesrepublik Deutschland - Germany

Exchange Students 2011-2012
Manon Hery: République française - France
Rafael Martelli: República Federativa do Brasil - Brazil
Maria Clara Hernandez: República Federativa do Brasil - Brazil
Kate Shanina: Российская Федерация - Russia
Paola Bonini: Repubblica italiana - Italy
Andrea Mariani: Repubblica italiana - Italy

Exchange Students 2010-2011
Margalida Bestard: Reino de España - Spain
Shahira Zharimbetova: Қазақстан Республикасы - Kazakhstan
Kamilla Iltabaeva: Ҷумҳурии Тоҷикистон - Tajikistan
Hannah Lange: Bundesrepublik Deutschland - Germany
Patrick Otten: Bundesrepublik Deutschland - Germany
Laure Levacher: République française - France

Exchange Students 2009-2010

Fahad Sabal: Republika ng Pilipinas - Phillipines
Nikita Volkov: Российская Федерация - Russia
Yana Herasymenko: Україна - Ukraine
Nadine Gaida: Bundesrepublik Deutschland - Germany
Natia Dundua: საქართველო - Georgia
Kevin Tao: 台湾 - Taiwan

Exchange Students 2008-2009
Aleksandr Rubinov: Қазақстан Республикасы - Kazakhstan
Svetlana Nagornikova: Российская Федерация - Russia
Dmitri Osipov: Україна - Ukraine
Max Koster: Bundesrepublik Deutschland - Germany
Elivita Ogallar-Gaforio: Reino de España - Spain
Victor Perez: Reino de España - Spain

Exchange Students 2007-2008
Shohini Izzatollazada: Ҷумҳурии Тоҷикистон - Tajikistan
Anna Lena Hennrich: Bundesrepublik Deutschland - Germany
Stephanie Antunes: República Federativa do Brasil - Brazil
Hanna Serebrennikova: Україна - Ukraine
Rufus Thomas Adducul: Republika ng Pilipinas - Phillipines
Larisa Gavriliuk: საქართველო - Georgia

Guest Speaker: Mona Mastin Cummins, Peace Corps, Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique
September 23, 2011

Mrs. Cummins gave a presentation on her work with the Peace Corps in the Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique. Click here to see it. (38MB)

Fundraiser: Japan Tsunami Disaster
April 2011

International Club students ran a fundraiser to raise money for the Japan Tsunami Relief Efforts. A total of $510 was raised and presented to the American Red Cross.

Haiti Fundraiser Info:
  • Haiti Relief Project Video. Produced by Tandee Dickerson for International Club.
  • As of 1-26-2010 the LHS International Club has helped raise $861 for the Red Cross to use for relief efforts in Haiti. Our goal is $2,000.
  • "Have a Heart For Haiti" Donate a $1 to the Red Cross at Lunch, put your name on a heart for the cafeteria wall.
  • "Hats For Haiti" Donate a $1 for the opportunity to wear hats at school. Tickets will be provided for those who have made a donation.
  • Death Toll estimate in Haiti: 200,000; 250,000 injuries.
  • 1-million people in immediate need of shelter.
  • "The relief operation in Haiti is already the largest single-country personnel deployment in global Red Cross history."
Guest Speakers:

Matt Stowe
1-27-2010 - 1:45 pm - room 162
Mr. Stowe showed pictures and talked about his two (pre-quake) trips to Haiti.

Beverly Miller of the American Red Cross,
1-29-2010 - 2:00 pm - room 162
Mrs. Miller discussed the work and mission of the American Red Cross, including her personal experiences managing relief centers for 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina.

Event Homecoming Parade, October 3, 2007

Fundraiser: Benefit movie to raise money for Red Cross
November 14, 2006

On Tuesday, November 14th, during advisory, International Club showed a movie in the Carr Gym. Everyone in the student body was invited to attend, and encouraged to donate $3 to the International Red Cross. Those who donated were given popcorn and lemonade. The proceeds benefited the Darfuri Refugees in Western Sudan. Learn more about the cause here:

UPDATE: International Club raised a total of $1,591.97 for the refugees of Darfur, Sudan thanks to Movie Day. This was the most successful single-day fundraising event in our club's history. Thanks again for your help! Click here to see a few photos of Movie Day...

Event: 2006 Cultural Diversity Fair
April 6, 2006

The 2006 Diversity Fair was a big succcess! We had over 50 booths representing various countries, cultures, languages, and religions. Hundreds of students and community members sampled food, played games, created artwork and viewed performances ranging from Middle Eastern dance lessons to a step performance by the Alpha Fraternity of UMR. Special thanks to this year's organizer: Ms. Stephanie Joseph!

Other faculty members involved in this year's fair include: Ian Nax, Kay Long, Bev Ponder, Dennis Preston, Elizabeth Barker, Vicky Rhoads, Shelley Oursbourn, Aimee Hays, Michelle Nicholson, Becky Todd, Delilah Shotts, Ronna Ford, Saundra Suttles, Marj Garner, Janice Greer (from Conway), Don Brenton and Ron Atteberry.

School Organizations who participated in the fair include: International Club, Breakfast Club, Yearbook, Lit. Muse, Youth for Tolerance, Latin Club, French Club, German Club, Cultural Foods, Art Club, Ceramics I, II, and Painting I classes, Choir, Geonomics and Conway R-I Elementary Art classes.

Photo gallery-1 (requires FlashPlayer, freely available here)

Hurricane Katrina Victims Relief

Total Katrina Fundraiser for Lebanon R-III amount was $9419.95 International Club helped sort and count money. The money was donated September 27th to the American Red Cross in a ceremony covered by local newspaper and TV media. Representatives from across the district attended. High School alone was $1812.05, the largest amount collected in any International Club relief effort.

Fundraiser: Tsunami Victims Relief
January 2005

What started as a high-school lunch-line collection to help tsunami victims turned into a district wide effort for students in Lebanon R-3 Schools. Lebanon High School students sorted and counted $4,439.77 in donations this morning to be given to the American Red Cross at Central Bank North in Lebanon. We raised $974.62 in pennies, $120.20 in nickels, $320.50 in dimes, $574.50 in quarters, $848.45 in checks and $1,601 in cash.  Source LDR.

Lebanon Daily Record January 10, 2005
Lebanon Daily Record January 18, 2005

"Celebrating the Differences", Cultural Diversity Fair 2004
April 14, 2004

This year's fair featured over 3,000 attendees, dozens of entertainers, and over 100 booths representing the following countries and cultures: United States of America, Ancient Egypt, Argentina, Armenia, Aztecs, Belgium, Bolivia, China, Congo, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Germany, Greece/Rome, Hawaii, Incas, India, Ireland, Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Mexico, Moldova, Morocco, Native America, Pakistan, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, Scandinavia, South Africa, Thailand, Tibet, Turkey.

Photo gallery-1 Added April 2004
Photo gallery-2 Added July 2004

Student Art:
Peace Tile Project

Original artwork researched and designed by Advanced Ceramics students illustrating that "peace" transcends language and culture.  Includes artwork from former members of the International Club.

Guest Speaker:
Dr. Tom Sager, UMR professor, speaks about the humanitarian crisis in Iraq
February 6, 2003

Guest Speaker:
Eric Adams, photo-journalist, speaks about his trip to Tibet
February 5, 2003

Guest Speaker: Mike White, Retired Military, of the FLW Humanitarian Demining Training Center
December 12, 2002

After the Night of 1000 Dinners "Adopt-a-Minefield" benefit, Mr. White spoke about how landmines kill and injure thousands of civilians every year, and how they train people to remove them.

View gallery of the International Club Landmine Artwork

International Club has raised and sent $500 for the Adopt-a-Minefield program, through the "Night of 1000 Dinners" fundraiser.

Homecoming Parade
October 9, 2002

Cave Campout
September 28, 2002

911 Memorial at LHS
September 11, 2002

"Celebrating the Differences", Cultural Diversity Fair 2002
March 15, 2002

Photo gallery-1 by Robert Barker
Photo gallery-2 by Eric Adams
Photo gallery-3 by Martin Geissler
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Club meeting presentations
February 2002

Guest Speaker:
James Ford, teacher, speaks about African-American issues
February 21, 2002

Guest Speaker:
Beverly Miller, former teacher, speaks about being a Red Cross Volunteer in NYC
December 12, 2001

Photo gallery, Video-1 and Video-2

Guest Speaker:
Dr. Shahin Gerami, SMSU Professor, speaks about women in Afghanistan
December 6, 2001

Photo gallery and video

Stars and Stripes Dance to benefit International Red Cross for their work in Afghanistan
November 30, 2001

Guest Speaker:
Rabbi Rita speaks about Hanukah
November 29, 2001

Photo Gallery and Video

Guest Speakers:
SW Missouri Indian Center
October 8, 2001

Photo Gallery, Video-1, and Video-2

Flags of Lebanon after Sept 11, 2001
October 1, 2001

Smittle Cave Trip
September 22, 2001

Guest Speaker:
Sami Salam speaks about Islam
September 20, 2001

Homecoming Parade '01
September 19, 2001

Fundraiser: September 11 Carwash
September 15, 2001