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Laclede County District No. 1 (I have not been able to verify whether this district eventually became Laclede County R-1, or Conway) was established February 5, 1851. During the 1800s schools existed wherever there were enough families willing to chip in and build a log school-house, and help pay for a teacher.

The following section is taken from pages 36 and 37 of the Laclede County History Book.

The first public school in Laclede County was the old Adams building, located where the Junior High campus is now. Built in 1871 at a cost of $30,000, the building served students until 1975 or so, when it was demolished, save for the original steps, which are now part of a flagpole at the Junior High.

Classes in the Adams Building were held from 9:00 a.m. to noon and from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. There was a 15-minute recess during each session. There was a large bell atop the building which rang twice prior to each session. First Bell was 10 minutes prior, and the second bell signaled the beginning of class. Tardies were listed in the monthly progress report sent home to parents.

The building was heated with wood, with each classroom having a large stove, measuring two feet square and 3 1/2 feet long. It was up to the janitor to keep the stoves supplied with wood. Desks in the rooms were either single or double. Restroom facilities were located 100 feet behind the building, and were of the "outdoor" variety.

Playground area extended to Sixth Street, and was enclosed by a five foot wooden fence. Several 10-quart galvanized buckets were kept filled with water (by the janitor) and dippers lay nearby.

Significant dates in school construction in Lebanon:
Washington Building (1912--demolished in the late 1970s)
Wallace Building constructed (1924), used for junior high classes now.
Rainey Building (1939) PWA project, add-on in 1953; used for junior high classes now.
Maplecrest (1950), used for grades 2-3 now.
Hillcrest (1951), used for grade 6 now.
Fieldhouse (1957), used for junior high classrooms, gyms, and cafeteria now.
Donnelly (1957), used for grades K-1 now.
Boswell (Mark Twain School until 1973))--built in 1959, cafeteria in 1960, additions in '72, '87, '92; used for grades 4-5 now.
Tech Center (formerly Vo-Tech) opened in 1972, used for grades 10-12 now.
High School (1975), used for grades 10-12 now.

Information for this page came from two primary sources, as well as interviews with community people:
History of Laclede County Missouri, Vol. I -- Lois Roper Beard (1979)
The First Hundred Years -- Frances Ethel Gleason (1949)

If you have additional information, please write to the address below.

The following newsletter from Hillcrest is reprinted below. It is Volume 3, Number 3, from April of 1959, and was written by the sixth grade students of Room 5:
Editor--Dana Burris; Assistant Editor--Linda Jones; News Editor--Larry Jacobsen; Sports Editor--Eugene Smith; Room News Editor--Kenneth Jones; Cartoon Editor--Larry Jenkins; Advisor--Mr. Richardson; Reporters--members of the class.

Art & Music Program
This program will be held May 8, 1959. It will start promptly at 7:30 p.m. in the Hillcrest School. This is the tentative outline for our program: Mrs. Dougan's, Mrs. Massey's, and Mrs. Rockhill's students will sing "The Popcorn Man," "Jolly Little Baker," "The Fireman," and "The Milkman's Horse." Miss French's 3rd grade and Mrs. Booth's students will sing "The Doggie Song" and "Drill Ye Tarriers." Miss Newkirk's and Mrs. Moore's 5th grade will sing "The Caisson Song" and "The Marines Hymn." Mrs. Moore's and Mrs. Richardson's sixth grade will sing "The Gypsy Song" and "Tale Of A Sailor." Closing, all of the rooms will sing "God Bless America.
Mrs. Meads will have the art work that has been saved through this year on display in each of the rooms. Be sure you see this at the close of the music program. We, as well as Mrs. Meads, would be disappointed if you didn't.

Social Studies
In Social Studies Mrs. Moore's students have completed a unit of study on the North Central States. They made flowers in their last art lesson.

Miss Newkirk's Class Has Art
Miss Newkirk's class has an exhibit of birds in their room. The birds are made of sequins, rick-rack, glitter, feathers, and pipe-cleaners. They have a good exhibit of birds made by John Conner and Stephen Anderson. They have another exhibit called April in Bird Land.

Fourth Grade
The fourth graders of Miss Barker's room are studying Mo. They are also studying Laclede County and their own city, Lebanon. They plan to go on a trip to visit one of the stores here.
Each one has written to one of the cities in Missouri to the Chamber of Commerce to get information on their town. Each class member is making a book on Missouri.

In arithmetic they are studying Roman numerals. One day this they had a math puzzle. It is: 1. choose a number, 2. add 9, 3. multiply by 2, 4. subtract 4, 5. divide by 2, 6. subtract the number you started with, 7. the answer you et will always be seven.

Reading Class
In Miss French's reading class the children are getting a book from the Library and at the end of the week each child tells a story. When the stories have all been told, each child will tell Miss French the story he or she likes best. The one with the most votes will win.

Second Grade
Mrs. Rockhill's second grade room had fun at Easter time. They had a big Easter Egg Tree. The children brought egg shells to school and painted them beautiful colors. They are really working in reading. Fifteen of them have finished their second and third reader. They all hope to get a reading circle certificate for reading at least ten library books.

Spelling Contest
Mrs. massey's room has a spelling tree. If they get every word spelled correctly they can put a tulip on the tulip tree with their name on it. They will do this all month, and if one of them gets a tulip every time he spells for the contest then he is a good speller. They also have two new students from overseas.

On April 3, Mrs. Dougan's first grade class studied about the things that will and won't dissolve in water. Mrs. Dougan surprised the children by bringing a package of coolade to school. She mixed it with water and let the children drink it. The whole class enjoyed it very much.

The baseball season is right around the corner. The schools are all practicing. We hope to win all of our games, and come out in first place. We will have a game Thursday, April 16, with Ivey at our school. We'll have two teams this year, the "A" team and the "B" team. The "B" team will play Mark Twain Friday, April 17. The second game will be Friday, April 30. The "A" team will play Washington April 24. The second game will be May 15.

Mr. Montgomery has put in two water fountains outside on the playground. This will be more convenient on hot days.

1954-55 Staff listing (from unknown September issue of Lebanon Daily Record)

Superintendent--Frank C. Heagarty
School Nurse--Grace Donnelly
Secretary--Norma Core
1953-54 enrollment = 2,289

Elementary Schools
Ann Algeo, Principal; Betty Moore, Principal, Adams School; Eunice Sutton, Principal, Maplecrest; Florence Vehman, Principal, Washington School; Lowell Richardson, Principal, Hillcrest.
Teachers--Lula Dampier, Dorothy Finley, Lottie French, Vera Hawk, Joan Himelhan, Marjorie Holt, Ruby Hough, Faye Johnson, Pauline Young, Vera Jones, Florence Keller, Cleo Moore.
Teachers--Edwina Shields, Lelia Ruble, Faye Arnold, Esther Barker, Maxine Baty, Veva Baugh, Eulah Booth, Anna Lee Coates, Morene Marsh, Edythe Miller, Iris Meads, Margaret Newkirk, Lillian Randolph.
Teachers--Mrs. Adolph Ford, Vivian Parker, Mary Nicholson, Georgia Pinckney, May Riley, Rebecca Rockhill, Frances Sheppard, Wilma Strawhun, Thelma Wagoner, Jeryl Whipple.

Junior High
Edward Huitt, Principal
Teachers--Wayne Adams, Harriet Davies, Mildred Donald, Claude Eilenstine, Erma Hale, Leyburn Holt, Helene Mitchell, Joan Thompson, Orville Wagoner, Lloyd Wilkinson, Celia Fugate, Arzetta Huitt.

Senior High
Ellis C. Rainey, Principal
Teachers--June Algeo, Stanley Allen, Ralph Amos, Wayne Baty, George Bishop, James Coates, Violet Davis, Flora Belle Fairchild, J.V. Fugate, Clyde Hale, Homer Long, Ernest Pratt, Meredith Rich, Virgil Rich, Alice Rainey, Gene Ruble, Pauline Johnson, Catherine Grace.

Harold Blakely, Class of '54, adds:  Leyland Holt taught chemistry, physics, and 9th grade science for many years. Claude Eilensteine taught 9th grade social studies, etc in 54-5.

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